We understand that to provide the best possible solutions for patients’ needs, we must be open to new ways of thinking. Through partnerships and collaborations across the industry, we try to discover new and better patient centric solutions. Transparent processes, simplicity, flexibility, creativity and prompt decision making are the core facets of our partnership philosophy.

To make a holistic impact on the health of patients worldwide we work with partners across the healthcare value chain. From other pharmaceutical companies, doctors, healthcare professionals, hospitals, distribution networks and retailers, we work with all of them always keeping the end consumer – the patient at the center of all we do.

At Medicianz’s we believe that our partners help us realize our goal of affordable and accessible medicines for all. We welcome our partners to leverage our scientific capabilities, our insights into regulatory and compliance frameworks, and the security and flexibility of our supply chain. This helps us create an impact on patient needs as well as form long-term relationships. We focus on our partners with a high-value strategic mindset and who place a premium on quality, compliance and relationships.


In line with our purpose of accelerating access to medicines for patients across the world, we enter into various kinds of partnerships and collaborations, including licensing.

Most of our licensing agreements so far have been of two categories


To expand access to critical medicines for patients we license products developed and manufactured by other companies and supply them to patients in markets where we have a strong marketing and sales network. This helps patients get access to medicines which were not available to them otherwise.


To further increase access to medicines for patients, in certain cases we may develop a product in partnership with another firm. Various parts of the development and manufacturing process are co-owned by Medicianz’s and or their partner. In most cases we market the co-developed product in countries where we have a significant presence.


To provide affordable medicines to patients we need to maintain a constant supply, remain cost-competitive and ensure highest levels of quality. The long-term relationships we build with our business partners help us do this.

We work with leading and reputed global organizations for various requirements across our value chain. We emphasize fair, transparent and ethical practices with all our partners.

At Medicianz’s, we create business partnerships based on high ethical standards, mutual business interest, trust and respect. We also believe in building a social environment by promoting and increasing inclusion of diverse business partners in our supply chain.

We expect business partners to share the same commitment towards compliance with laws, regulations, published standards and environmental practices.

Partnering Policy

Medicianz believe in working together towards success, with mutual trust, understanding our partner's requirements and above all satisfying them. Our products are available to distributors in most countries. We support our partners with manufacture and supply of healthcare products according to their requirements and specifications. We provide the marketing support to our partners. Our business development team and Regulatory team are always at our customer's service.

Customer Specific Manufacture and Supply

Medicianz products are available under private label to our distributors and partners in most countries. In order to satisfy the diverse needs of our various customers located in different parts of the world we believe in developing products specific to the requirements of our customers.


At Medicianz, we help build "molecules into brands." We work with our distributors, strategically and programmatically, to accelerate, expand and extend the product life cycles of ethical drugs. Medicianz has developed considerable brand marketing experience in the emerging markets through its portfolio of branded generics.

Regulatory Support/ Services

Our Regulatory team consists of elite, highly qualified personnel engaged in providing data required to assure the high Quality, efficacy and safety of our Products.

We can provide, TGA certificate for registration of our products as per guidelines of most health authorities in most countries.


Medicianz understand that distribution of healthcare products must be undertaken with a great deal of care and attention. Raw materials awaiting processing and finished products awaiting dispatch are stored in modern, fully climate-controlled high-bay storage areas. Medicianz is able to meet the delivery needs of its customers thanks to its modern data and order processing systems, its inspections of all goods entering and leaving the company, and the latest transport logistics (road, sea or air). No matter what route a Medicianz product takes, or how long it takes to get there, its journey is carefully monitored until it reaches its destination.

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