Our vision & mission is to care, cure & value life.

We want to discover, develop and successfully market innovative products to prevent and cure diseases, to ease suffering and to enhance the quality of life. We also want to provide a shareholder return that reflects outstanding performance and to adequately reward those who invest their money, their time and their ideas in our company.

Our Values

Medicianz is committed to a values-based, high-performance and effectiveness-driven culture. At the heart of Medicianz are our values of Integrity and Transparency, Safety, Quality, Productivity, Collaboration and Teamwork, Sustainability & Respect. These values support us as we deliver on our vision & mission.

We believe that

Integrity and Transparency:We will uphold the highest standards of integrity and transparency in all our interactions.

Safety:We are committed to providing safe working environments through continuous improvement of our infrastructure, work practices and behaviors.

Quality:We are dedicated to designing quality into our products and processes to delight our stakeholders.

Productivity:We strive to achieve more with less through a culture of innovation, continuous improvement and a sustained focus on elimination of waste.

Collaboration and Teamwork:We will leverage expertise and resources from across our global network to create greater value for our stakeholders.

Sustainability:We will create value for all our stakeholders in a manner that respects our natural environment and serves the best interest of the communities in which we live and work.

Respect:We are committed to providing a work environment that encourages diverse perspectives and upholds the dignity of work and of individuals.

Medicianz’s values represent the very best of what Medicianzis and can be. They provide focus, direction and essential guidance. They allow for localization while valuing the diversity and richness of our heritage. They help create an environment that will attract and retain the best and brightest in the industry, ensuring our long-term success.

Our values ensure that we put people at the center of our success. They reinforce the importance of how we execute strategy, and they drive our day-to-day behaviors and decisions. They unite us as we execute on our obligation to our patients, customers, prescribers, partners, and employees worldwide.

“We Value Life by improving the way we do business; on operating with transparency in everything we do; and on listening to the views of all of the people involved in health care decisions”.